“No Reflection”



One truth,

I’m sure it’s nothing—


I fled.

I tried to be discrete.

My truth is mine for keeps.

I tried to be discrete.

My thoughts.

As I lay me down to sleep,

My soul won’t go cheap.

This is my last decree.


Dwelling on reason vs. purpose.

I sing mantras like drugs.

I choke on purpose.

Lead with blind certainty.

Accepting it’s absurdities.

I tried to be discrete!

This is my last plea!

With blind certainty,

My truth is mine for keeps!

One truth, I’m sure is nothing—

But I’ve dismissed myself for keeps


A Play on Visuals



A new chapter

Breaking through…

The cracks.


As I have become someone.

A tightrope sways

As I,

Trip over dusty norms;

Wishing flowers.


I’m something more.

Laughter is a plea!

Take this, oh, take this!

A quick balance of the scales.

Tip it, tip it!



Tastes Trust

I’m not grown up yet.

I’m emotionally drained.

I can’t help it.

I am just being I.

Myself, the me I scrutinize.

I am my mentor.

All decisions are philosophized.

All my decisions are philosophized

I’m left to rationalize:

Purpose versus idealized

Leaving me with decisions;


Said it again:

All my decisions are philosophized

I’m left to rationalize:

Purpose versus idealized

Leaving me with decisions;


Said it—

I’m almost there, yeah.

Wanted it for so long, yeah.

I’m so humble, I;

Forget to look up, I;

Forget to compromise.

Thirst on a dry leaves tongue

Drinks from it’s lust,

Tastes trust,

And feels the sum.

I Lived

When your faults become your truth

And your lies become your therapy

When silence becomes meditation

And your fears coax you into something great

Freedom creeps up on you

And life tells you

You’re everything you’ve ever wanted to be

This is Not Your Diary

Patience…patience is deja vu

Patience is a nagging responsibility that insinuates trust into play but calls foul when you weigh in on it too much

Patience with your mind…your body…your emotions…your circumstance…after each action, with meaning, is the medicine you take that wears off so that suddenly you feel you need more cause you’re starting to feel like shit again

Patience is fleeting…she’s a tease…she only comes back when it’s right for her

Patience is something you don’t miss until it’s gone…until you can’t hold on, anymore.

And then,

Patience is what you beg for…it’s what you pray for…because believe me…unraveling what you’ve been nurtured into so to discover who you naturally are…even if it takes your entire life…to have arrived at your deathbed at least knowing exactly who you are…must be…satisfying…noteworthy…
It is the life of a martyr with which one lives and dies by one single truth…one single truth that only presents itself in times of patience and peace…the same patience you beg, bleed, borrow, and pray for…and when it’s apparent, in these moments, that everything is on track…you know the certainty will leave you like your lover leaves you after a rendez vous. You know she’s going, but you can’t stop her…the next time you see her, you won’t recognize her…patience is a siren…and you’ll fall deeply in love with her…she’ll burn you over and over…but it doesn’t matter…what she’s got is just what you need…and you can’t help it…neither can she…  

I Spy Waldo


Simon says?

Love yourself?

Love yourself.

Simon said,

“Run, far away from here.”

He means:

I love you. period. this story is magic.period.

We make history like every day.

Like a lock and keep.

It’s already a dream.

Like a die-for-the-vision



Long road.


Pendants of promises.

Diamonds for dreams.

And all those things that we mean.

I’m just sayin’

Love yourself,

While I continue to love you.